Friday, June 25, 2021
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Writing An Abstract Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Process

Most academic papers require an abstract. It is usually a summary of the article that discusses the objective of the study, its significance, the scope and the delimitation, the methodologies used, the findings, and the conclusion.

It is an integral part of the paper as it describes the process you employed in researching whether it involves a scientific experiment or it is just merely a critical review of a literary text. It helps the students better understand what is going on the research. For people who are looking for references, they can use in their study, the abstract is the first thing they read to determine whether the investigation is related to theirs.

To know how to write an abstract for your research paper or thesis, what you will need are the necessary details and the right format. If this is your first time in creating an abstract or you don’t know how to write it, here is the step-by-step process that you can do to be able to create your own abstract.

  1. Since the abstract serves as a summary of your entire research paper, it is just right that you write your article first before you write the abstract. Keep in mind that a thesis statement is different from the abstract. That is because a thesis statement introduces the main idea or a query while the technical reviews the entire study.
  2. Before writing your abstract, it is best to ask first for the requirement that includes the number of words, style, and the writing intention.
  3. When writing your abstract, always think of the people who will be reading your paper. You should know that term papers and research paper are drafted with aims to solve an existing problem. Your arguments and claims must be well discussed in your writing so that your readers would know which side to take.
  4. In writing your abstract, you must determine its type. Even if abstracts have one goal, it still differs in terms of how you deliver the facts. A summary can be referred to as descriptive if it explains the purposes, objectives and the methodologies that were utilized in the study and left out the results. Meanwhile, an informative abstract is considered as the condensed version of your paper, where it gives a clear overview of your research.
  5. As you start writing your abstract, you have to identify your purpose, why did you choose to focus on that topic. It is to explain to your readers why your study is an essential read.
  6. Explain your problem in your abstract in a manner of raising this issue to be noticed. Afterward, describe the methods you used to gather the data that you need. You can discuss the variables involved in your study and the approaches that you used.
  7. Describe the ending results of your study and write a conclusion. It is to give closure to your research. In this part, you discussed the results and its implications to you and your respondents.
    These are the simple steps in writing your abstract, don’t forget to format your abstract according to what is being required by your paper adviser.
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