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3 Myths About Buying Essays Online

Is time too short for you to complete an essay? Are you still clueless about how to proceed? It is truly distressing to see that not a single page has been written, especially if the submission date is tomorrow.

Now, at this stage, it would not be wrong to look for some external help or guidance, even if it means buying an essay from an academic writing service online. During such situations, professional writing services can be your savior.

However, the confusion here that most students have is whether they are trustworthy or not. Well, it is a fact that such services are of great help in composing different types of academic papers, including essays. Still, some myths exist as hurdles in the progress of several students who are tempted to use these services.

You need to comprehend that these myths are true, myths, not facts. For that, you need to recognize them and know them as myths. Thus, this post reveals such common myths about academic writing services and why they are not true, and why people still take them as truth. Let us check them out now!

Myth 1: These services are fake or deceptive.

The biggest myth with any online site or service is that it is a scam. It’s perhaps the first opinion for any new paid service online. The main reason behind this is that there are dishonest services online, which are only there to take away your money without giving you anything in return.

However, it is necessary to recognize the fact that not all such services are fake or deceitful. When buying an essay online, you should be vigilant and smart enough to distinguish between a genuine and fake service. To do so, focus on their reputation, contact details, and online reviews across different portals.

More details to check for include market experience, work samples shared online (not those on sale), contact channels (should be more than one and all should be working), and assurances such as a money-back guarantee and no plagiarism at all.

In short, you should choose a service only after doing some thorough research on it.

Myth 2: These services provide plagiarized content.

Okay, you are not wrong if you think so. It’s because there are many services online that provide a pool of readymade essays from which you can select and download one for submission. Now, papers in such repositories are likely to be downloaded several times.

Thus, the chances are high that some other student has already submitted a paper that you downloaded. However, this does not mean that all services offer such unreliable pools of essays on sale.

Online services follow strict policies and guarantees to prevent the reuse or resell of papers that you download or use. These genuine services are bothered about their market reputation, due to which it shall never publish your papers or resell them.

Buying an essay paper from one such service provider is safe and reliable, as it will always give you the most-wanted plagiarism-free guarantee. In simple words, this indicates that each paper is written for you from scratch, keeping in mind the requirements shared by you. Therefore, such services ensure only original writing.

Myth 3: These services do not make revisions, even if something is wrong.

Okay, this myth exists because most students feel that a one-time pay means just one-time composition and delivery. Once delivered, the service provider will not make any changes, even if there are mistakes. Actually, this is not true.

All genuine service providers will take up the revision even more than once to ensure quality work. Before buying an essay, do check for a revision policy. If it is there, it is an indicator of their caring and quality service. It means that the service provider will be responsible for making any edits until you are satisfied.

A few service providers have their dedicated team of editors and proofreaders. Similarly, some may have reviewers or a quality control team responsible for reviewing and editing a paper before delivering it to you.


The myths mentioned above are genuinely myths, and they remain so if you have a vigilant eye and an aware mind for buying an essay paper online. And finally, here are the reputable sites where it’s safe to buy an essay: Essay Tigers, UK Essays or Essay Edge.

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