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How To Write An Unforgettable College Essay: Guide Obtained From Princeton Professors

There are many tips and tricks you can use to learn how to write a college essay, but not all of them are equally important. The guide we are presenting is very different. It is obtained from professors who work at Princeton University, and they revealed what the main elements are. If you follow the guide, you will write an unforgettable essay.

Importance of the college essay

Most students believe that writing a traditional, generic college essay will do the trick. After all, not all students are born to be writers. This is a mistake. A college essay should reflect your life and essential situations in it. It must be one of a kind, and it must provide all sorts of details, which will be mentioned below.

College professors read thousands of essays every week, and most of them are forgotten within minutes. The key goal is to learn how to write a college essay that will stay in the memory of the professors. If you manage to do that, you are sure that a positive impression is obtained.

A college essay is something that can change your life and make it so much better. It is crucial to realize the overall effect it will have and invest a lot of time and effort into writing a perfect copy. Don’t just rewrite a great essay. Write one yourself.

Always point out something important to you

A college essay can tell a story of an event, a situation, a book, or even a person who changed you or had a massive effect on your life. This is important to remember because it is the most critical element you will need to incorporate into your essay.

When learning how to write a college essay, make sure to pick a strong motivation. It can be anything that had an impact on you and anything that helped you change. If you choose a strong inspiration, your essay will stand out from the crowd, and it will be more appealing for the professors.

Express your feelings and your thoughts using words

Perhaps this sounds like an obvious thing, but a more in-depth explanation must be included. When writing a college essay, you must avoid presenting the exact situation or a book or a person and stop there. We all can tell this kind of story, and it is far from interesting. A point you must include is a deeper meaning of that situation or motivation.

Instead of writing what happened and why to look into your feelings, write about what you expected, what you got, and how it affected you. Look even deeper and take into consideration how it changed your lifestyle or your deepest secrets. Of course, some secrets must not be shared, and they should stay only yours.

Don’t try to be funny

Yes, believe it or not, most students believe that their college essay will be the one if they are funny. This is the truth, but most students fail to be funny. You are still a child, and what you believe is funny usually isn’t for the adults. College professors are adults, and they won’t laugh at your jokes!

To clarify, try, and remember how many times you and your friends laugh per day. Now, remember how many times adults laugh. The difference is massive. That’s why it isn’t recommended to try and be funny with your essay. The odds are much higher that you will fail, and your essay will sound weird.

If you still want to be funny or the goal of your essay is precisely that, make sure to pick a particular situation or joke which has been tested among adults, and it is funny. It should sound stupid or a bit entertaining to you.

Do you how to write a college essay now? You still need to practice, but you know more than before reading the article in question. Take your time and always create a few drafts. From those drafts, create one essay that will be stunning and unforgettable. It should be unique, as well.

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